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Local Flavor Play Reading of Family Mystique by Anita Yellin Simons

Family Mystique-revised

San Diego Playwrights and Scripps Ranch Theatre are proud to announce that the next Local Flavor Play Reading will be Family Mystique by Anita Yellin Simons. The reading will be Monday, December 3 at 7:30pm. Suggested donation is $10. For more information contact Steven Oberman at
Directed by Timothy Cabal
Featuring: Janey Hurley, Hannah Logan, Timothy Cabal, Jack Roberts , John Carroll, and Kelly Saunders

Scripps Ranch Theatre performs in the Legler Benbough Theatre on the campus of Alliant International University in Scripps Ranch.


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Anita Simons

Playwright Anita Yellin Simons


Anita Yellin Simons is a political activist and playwright who combines both her love of history and activism in her many award-winning plays. Her first play GOODBYE MEMORIES, about Anne Frank before going into hiding, has won numerous awards and had several productions and readings. HEARTLAND, about German POWs working on American farms and what happened to thousands of German-Americans sent to internment camps during WWII, had a production and placed second in the David Mark Cohen National Playwriting Award, and was published by Sense Publishers in their social-fictions series. Later plays THIS WE’LL DEFEND, about female rape in the military, IN SANITY, about a family’s struggle with teenage drug addiction, and SILENCE IS NOT GOLDEN, about domestic abuse, have all had successful readings with professional talk backs that spark stimulating discussions and how to deal with each of the issues presented in the plays. She also has a comedy JOY VEY (co-written with Lojo Simon) about dueling new grandmas — one Jewish and one Gentile. Simons specializes in thought-provoking theater with humor and pathos.

Tell us about your play.

FAMILY MYSTIQUE is part of a trilogy of “autobiographical” plays about difficult periods in my life. The synopsis is basically: On August 4, 1964, seventeen year-old Linda Smolen is excited and scared to be off to college, but in one day sees her idyllic, albeit fantasy, family go from “The Sound of Music” to “Long Day’s Journey Into Night” when she has to deal with the harsh reality of her parents’ troubled marriage, her brother’s juvenile delinquency and her mother’s attempted suicide. Life isn’t fair and teenage angst and self-absorption hasn’t changed much in the past 50 years. When the play continues three years later in 1967, Linda is ready to face the future as a new feminist and say goodbye to her mother’s life of marriage and motherhood or in Linda’s mind “slavery.”

What have been your successes with the piece? What have been your challenges?

I always take my first draft of any play to Scripteasers to be read and critiqued. From that first reading, I made additional changes/cuts and had another reading at the San Diego Women’s Museum of California. I made some additional changes and then put the play away. I felt it needed further work. Now that I have an opportunity for another reading with a director and audience, I look forward to more input about how to improve this piece.

Please join San Diego Playwrights and Scripps Ranch Theatre in supporting local playwrights in the development process. We hope to see you December 3 for the reading of Family Mystique!


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