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TreePress Connects Playwrights, Teachers, and Directors–An Interview with Co-Founder Laura Fisher

We recently interviewed Laura Fisher, Co-Founder and Managing Director of TreePress, an international online play publishing hub that went live May 5. Here are her thoughts on this new London-based business.

Please tell us about your personal journey to TreePress.

TreePress started in response to challenges Co-Founder Adrienne Ferguson experienced in her classroom: an acute lack of playscripts available for schools.  As the curtain fell on each school play, we would pause for a lone gin and tonic before starting to think about what we would do next! As we struggled to find new work, Adrienne started to write her own.  This was where we discovered this incredible community of writers and commissioning theatres who were creating inspiring new material and producing for their stages…but it was so difficult to get it distributed. We wanted to connect these two groups: people who write scripts and people who need them. This is pretty much where TreePress began!

Tell us about TreePress and your colleagues.

Theatrical publishing is broken. We’ve fixed it. Theatres, playwrights and teachers have long written inspiring material, yet are unable to distribute it. We’ve created an online hub for teachers, directors, playwrights and publishers. You can browse, compare and license plays from all over the world.

Adrienne Ferguson has been teaching Drama for 15 years, including Head of Drama at Fettes College Prep School and Drama Leader for IAPS.  She has written 7 plays, directed at the Edinburgh Fringe and written for ‘Teaching Drama’. She has a B.Ed from Cambridge University, is a NATD committee member, trustee for FoolProof Creative Arts, as well as annually leading drama camps for a Scottish youth work charity.

I worked for PwC as a Management Consultant gaining experience leading innovative technology projects (with a focus on the Education sector).  In 2012, I was the Director of St Andrews Charity Fashion Show – expanding the show across multiple cities and raising over £120,000 for charity.

What would you like playwrights to know about submitting to TreePress?

We’re an exciting new way to self-publish and distribute your work more effectively. We accept all work (any type, any genre), for all ages. Our platform manages and sells the script and performance rights on your behalf. We’re currently invite-only and you can request an invitation on

If a play is accepted, what happens next?

The great thing about TreePress is… we accept everything! Once you’ve uploaded your work, it goes through a quick review process and then it’s ready to be sold all over the world. In addition, you can gather reviews, connect with people who are performing your work and reach out to a wider community of writers, publishers and directors throughout the world. We’d love to have you with us!

Thanks for talking with us Laura! Good luck with Tree Press! For further information please visit

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