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WordPlay Tuesdays at Diversionary Theatre and Ion Theatre Make a Casting Connection!

on February 13, 2015


Mario Prado, Jr.

Mario Prado

So how does a printer in Palm Beach start acting at one of San Diego’s most reputable theatres when he doesn’t even know the theatre exists and hasn’t acted in 8 years? The answer is WORDPLAY TUESDAYS at Diversionary Theatre, in partnership with San Diego Playwrights. After an 8 year hiatus from “all things acting”, Mario Prado (who had acted both in New York and Los Angeles) felt that he needed to “reclaim what had been interred.” Having lost his mother last year, Prado found his innate creative urge too strong to resist, even if only to function as a momentary distraction. To that end he went to a “” gathering that sought actors to participate in the reading of original work. THAT reading lead to an invitation to participate in a reading of a piece by Michael Shames at WORDPLAY TUESDAYS at Diversionary Theatre, and while there he was asked to read in a second play by Tim West. He read with Hannah Logan. Recognizing that Prado had some “real actor” in him, Logan, encouraged him to audition for a role in a play she was producing at ion theatre, KIN by Bathsheba Doran. She was tenacious, and saw the hunger for theatre that only a fellow recovering thespian might recognize. From simply saying “yes” and being willing to support playwrights in developing their work, Hannah Logan got a rusty actor to blow off the dust and celebrate re-entry in two roles she needed to fill, AND one Mario Prado is getting to say “Hello” to his old friend, acting, in a big way. Shortly after being cast in KIN (in TWO roles), Prado was also cast in the upcoming reading of LYDIA by Octavio Solis, at ion. It just goes to show, a little willingness to help a fellow artist can be a “seemingly insignificant detail that can result in beauty.” (Quote from KIN)

Mario describes his recent re-entry into the theatre world as “illuminating, intrepid and deconstructive.” No doubt a rebuilding of sorts was in order, and Prado bravely signed up, hammer-ready.

KIN by Bathsheba Doran

OPENS March 14th

CLOSES April 4th,

RUNS Th-Sa, 8pm and Sat, 4pm

Go to for tickets and check out the ion theatre FACEBOOK page for pictures of Mario in his first table read of KIN

Or take a peek at his leap here:


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