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The Journey Continues–An Update from Devra Gregory, WOMAN IN THE MIRROR, A DANCER’S JOURNEY

on November 19, 2014

San Diego Playwrights last interviewed Devra Gregory in August, 2013. Since then, Woman in the Mirror, A Dancer’s Journey was featured in the 2014 San Diego International Fringe Festival. We caught up again with Devra to ask about her latest adventure.

woman horton poster-4x726

What’s happening next with Woman in the Mirror, A Dancer’s Journey?

I have been  blessed to be the first production co-produced by the Horton Grand Hotel and Theatre. I had a random connection with an old acquaintance who introduced me to the owner of the hotel, Dori Rose, and we really hit it off. She is a very spiritual down to earth woman and we connected on a deep level. Through her I made the connection to the theatre. I am performing my longest run so far, December 4th-21st, 2014. Eleven shows in all!

When I first created my one-woman show I did capitalize the “M” in WoMan, since I wanted to emphasize the connection with the Michael Jackson song. Now it’s written Woman In The Mirror, A Dancer’s Journey because I am taking focus off of the man I impersonate and focusing the story on my own journey.  The show has changed somewhat since it’s inception in 2012, but since it’s my life on stage, the basic story is still the same.

What have you learned at this point in your journey?

I have learned to keep going no matter how difficult it feels. There are good shows and bad ones, good runs and not so good. Someone sent me a quote recently that said “The race is not to the swiftest, it’s to those who keep running.” I feel compelled to keep running the show, to get my message out to the world even if it’s for a few significant people. The planet is in a state of crisis and anything each of us can do to inspire or encourage change is a monumental move in creating a planetary shift. I know this sounds like a huge goal for a performance, but the show is more than that for me.  I have overcome huge obstacles like never having written or produced a show then winning an award for it, or the fact that I used to be painfully introverted and in hiding mode a lot of the time, now I’m alone on stage. That says to the world we CAN change if we stick to something, and find a true sense of passion and purpose.

What are your plans for the future?

My goal is to be hired to perform as an inspirational presentation in a variety of settings, not just in theatres. I would love to tour this show and know the right producer will appear, because this performer is ready! I am also co-creating a workshop with Brenda Adelman who also has a one woman inspirational show. We are joining forces to empower women to step into their power. This will happen early next year.

I will continue to host a ceremonial event I created called Sacred Flame Fire Circle where people can experience a fullness of expression around a big bonfire. It’s an incredible feeling being outside under the stars like our ancestors dancing to the beat of drums. As some of you know I am a Wiccan Priestess and yearn to share the beauty and sacredness of the natural world, because that is really what Wicca is about. We need to heal the planet by honoring the Earth and our direct connection to all that is. That is what drives me forward. I hope I will have time to continue those events as well as my show!

Thanks for talking with us again, Devra! Good luck with Woman in the Mirror, A Dancer’s Journey!

TICKETS: or 800-838-3006




To learn more about Devra, read our August 2013 interview:


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