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An Interview with Kevin Six of New Play Cafe

on August 3, 2014

Kevin Six

Tell us about yourself.

I am a native of San Diego and a product of our schools and nonprofit organizations.  I was in Jr. Theatre from ’77 to ’83, the School of Creative and Performing Arts, City College, and SDSU into the ’80s.  I have also worked at (or volunteered for) a number San Diego performing arts organizations.  I love San Diego and what we have to offer the world.

New Play Cafe

New Play Café

Tell us about New Play Café. 

New Play Café provides audiences and processes to playwrights.  We give our audience new plays in short doses — which includes food (usually dessert) and beverages.  We will perform in just about any venue that has good food and space to perform. Originally we thought that the food was the draw, and it might be for some, but when I talk to audience members, I find that everyone has at least one play that he or she really identified with. So the food and coffee are icing on the cake, if I can get the dessert metaphor to stretch that far.


New Play Café’s Legends Playwrights (from left) Jennie Olson Six, Tom Steward, Thelma Virata de Castro, David Hogan, Brianna Caraet, Tori Rice, Kurt Kalbfleisch, and Dramaturg Jessica Ordon


How does New Play Café support San Diego playwrights?

We only ask San Diego playwrights to submit, so there’s no national or regional competition.  Not that our playwrights couldn’t compete, we just want to showcase local talent.  We read every play submitted and offer feedback at table reads.  We try to get two table reads in per production; one with writers and directors, and another with actors.  Each party has something valuable to offer and we think that playwrights get a lot out of the process — especially when we see them scratching things out during the reading.

How can San Diego Playwrights support New Play Café?

I love the idea of a member-service umbrella organization that, collectively, gives individuals what they cannot often create on their own.  Exposure, space and access to funding are probably the three biggest things I look for — followed closely by networking opportunities.  Every time I talk to individual artists (writers, actors and dancers, mostly), they want a place to perform, a reason to create and the money to do it.  I think we’re talking about an annual new play festival aren’t we?

Additionally, writer’s roundtables or groups work really well for some writers.  I know I work harder under deadline and if I’m showing my work to people I like and respect. To have the literary officers at every theatre in San Diego know me by name and sight would also be good.  In smaller theatres, San Diego Playwrights can be that officer, funneling vetted, polished new plays to theatres who want to do them — and enticing those who are afraid of doing them.  I don’t know what that enticement looks like but I think it has to do with allowing them total artistic control while saving them a ton of money.

Thanks for talking with us Kevin! Good luck with Legends and New Play Café!

New Play Café & Enterprise Theatre Company present Legends (in 10 minutes or less), an evening of new 10-minute plays by San Diego playwrights. Tickets are $25, includes dessert & beverage from DeMi Café Café.  September 6-21, 2014. Thurs-Sat at 7:30 pm. Sun at 7:00 pm. Location DeMi Café Café, 1735 Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA 92116. Questions? Email or call (619)663-4852.


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