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UNPLUGGED–An Interview with Out on a Limb Playwright Lizzie Silverman

on July 11, 2014


Tell us about yourself.

I have been writing stories for as long as I can remember, and have been exploring playwriting off and on for about ten years. My recent work includes: The Art of Disappearing (workshop production at 10th Avenue Theatre through Playwrights Project), Nuked (workshop production at OnStage Playhouse through Nomads Theatre Company), and numerous shorter plays. I annually participate in National Novel Writing Month, am a co-founder and co-producer with New Play Cafe, and run the website to provide an online hub for local theatre professionals.


Tell us about your play.

Anna’s technology has taken on a life of its own – literally. But when a blackout strikes San Diego, she must figure out how to cope without gadgets. Unplugged is a humorous look at the status quo of technology in our lives, and how it might be affecting us more than we think.


What are your challenges? What are your successes?

The challenge with this play – and most plays for that matter – is walking the fine line between completely losing the audience versus hitting people over the head with themes. It’s like adjusting the temperature on the shower – there’s only two millimeters of difference between freezing and scalding. The process of seeing a play realized and produced helps immeasurably in striking this balance.


The success I’ve had with this play is in the creation of a character that is the embodiment of technology. There’s something unique and wonderful about theatre that leaves room for this added level of creativity on top of reality, which illuminates the truth in new ways.


What is your next step?

Sleep. And then start working on a new project.



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