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PERCEPTION–An Interview with Joe Nogra

on March 4, 2014


Tell us about yourself.

Outside the humdrum life of his 9-5 world, Joe Nogra is an aspiring playwright and actor. “Walter Mitty ain’t got nothing on me!” (He’s saying this in his best Denzel voice). Fairly new to the theatre scene, he had the idea for PERCEPTION at a workshop hosted by the San Diego Asian American Repertory Theatre and facilitated by Professor George Ye, Professor Sheldon Deckelbaum and Playwright Thelma Virata de Castro. At first a 10 minute play, it garnered very positive responses – and enough responses that it elicited a full length production. PERCEPTION was born that day May 2013 and it’s jumping over the moon this March 2014, in a few days.


Tell us about PERCEPTION.

The idea stemmed from how people are perceived. In general, perception is applicable to all aspects of society. For example, how one looks, speaks, even down to musical preference. The play PERCEPTION singles out relationships. Take social media, add a creative online persona, and one can bend their perceptions to whoever will view. I can see this idea being approached in multiple angles, chose the comedic side of this situation, and presented it in a play.

What have been your challenges? What have been your successes?

I wanted to give the characters lots of depth but not take away from the protagonist’s journey. When writing the story, I felt compelled to tell the other characters’ story also. I told them that if they’re nice to me, maybe they’ll have their time in the future, but today is Chris’s story! Another challenge I had was picturing the set. In the end, I consider keeping the protagonist’s trip focused a personal success. And the Mesa College Theatre Company took care of the other successes… The set. The sounds. The lights. The tech. It’s a long list…

What is your next step?

The next step for PERCEPTION? Maybe with a little luck, it finds an audience beyond San Diego. If not, it doesn’t take away that I’ve been blessed with the presence of talented actors and a hardworking crew. To be involved was truly an experience and so much fun. This production goes beyond the normal theatre experience. The next step on a personal level? Continue being a theatre fan that’s looking forward to creative times ahead.

Thanks for talking with us Joe! Break a leg with PERCEPTION!





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