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San Diego’s New Public Radio Station KNSJ 89.1 and SANDCASTLE (San Diego County Artist Showcase) with Karl Weiss

on July 12, 2013
An Interview with KNSJ’s Karl Weiss
Tell us about yourself.

I’m a longtime San Diego resident, a screenwriter, filmmaker, novelist, poet, tutor and organizer in the San Diego filmmaking community.

Tell us about the new public radio station KNSJ 89.1.

KNSJ is a new resource for all of San Diego County, broadcasting out of East County but also on the web ( The station offers a progressive, community-based vision, news, talk, interesting shows and lots of local music.

What is your show SANDCASTLE (San Diego County Artist Showcase) about?

It’s all about giving local musicians, playwrights, poets, and artists of every variety the opportunity not only to tell San Diegans about themselves, their lives and creations, but also to share samples of their work.

Why do you want to support San Diego artists?

Making art of any kind is an act of communication. Yet the life of an artist can be a lonely one. I believe that helping bridge the gap between artist and audience is an important contribution both to the creator and to the people whose lives he or she touches.

How can San Diego playwrights get involved with and support KNSJ and SANDCASTLE?

Contact me at if you’re interested in being on SANDCASTLE. And the station is looking for volunteers and donors (and of course, listeners)! We have a meeting every Thursday evening at 7 pm in City Heights. Email me or go to

Thank you KNSJ and Karl Weiss for supporting San Diego playwrights and artists!


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